Utilise our expertise in order to achieve the best possible results

We will help you in all stages of construction management, from the beginning to the end. We will appoint a dedicated expert for your project or, if required, set up a team of experts, depending on the scope of the project and at the scale of our engagement. We will take part in your project at whatever stage you need us. However, you can achieve the greatest benefits by having us involved from the very beginning.

Our experts are skilled in various forms of contracts, from total/shared contracts to more recent applications, such as the alliance contract. Our expertise and experience means we are able to find the ideal solutions for your project.

We always comply with Rakennuttamisen Tehtäväluettelo HJR12 (Task List for Construction Management) as it is or customised for each project

Our construction management tasks include

  • Project planning
  • Preparation of project plans
  • Cost accounting and control
  • Preparation of planning processes/bidding processes for and selection of designers
  • Management and control of planning processes
  • Preparation of construction work/organisation of bidding processes
  • Construction management, control and supervision
  • Project management
  • Tasks associated with commissioning and warranty periods

Supervisory worksite tasks

In conjunction with construction management projects, we also carry out supervisory worksite tasks on the scale required for your project and needs. When our experts are responsible for worksite supervision, we can ensure that all contractors involved carry out their tasks as agreed, within the budget and on schedule.