Efficient, high-quality site supervision with minimised supervision costs

When Amec Foster Wheeler was planning its project in Russia, the need for Fimpec's expertise was once again raised. The project was very important and demanding, because the question was of one of the world's largest once-through boilers, and an experienced expert was needed for site supervision during the installation phase in order to ensure a successful outcome. During the intensive installation site period, preconditions would be created for the functionality of process equipment and technology.

Negotiations were started well beforehand and a mutual understanding was quickly reached. Amec Foster Wheeler wanted Fimpec to accompany them in the installation phase, because Fimpec's personnel have solid experience about supervising power plant installations. It was also vitally important that the site manager had experience about Russian site and project culture.

Fimpec's Timo-Pekka Aaltonen has more than 10 years of experience of Russian projects. He is fluent in Russian and understands Russian culture. It was, therefore, quite natural that Aaltonen moved to Novocherkassk to supervise the smooth implementation of the installation phase.

- Experience and expertise essentially help us to work in a demanding operating environment, Aaltonen says.

Fimpec's role in the installation was to act as an advisor. Aaltonen completely supervised several sub-areas, such as basic questions related to mechanical and electrical instrumentation. The operating model allowed for a close supervising organisation, whilst, at the same time, minimising work supervision costs.

- I supervised the progress and quality of the work, while Russian operators were responsible for the actual installation project, Aaltonen says.

Fimpec and Amec Foster Wheeler have a long history of shared projects. They have implemented projects together in Russia and the Baltic countries, the Nordic countries and throughout Central Europe.


Customer: Amec Foster Wheeler
Project duration: 09/2012-09/2015
Place: Novocherkassk, Russia
Responsibility: Delivery site management, installation site management