With Fimpec acting as a supervisor of interests associated with construction management, the customer gained the experience and vision it required for project management and planning control.

Pohjola Kiinteistösijoitus Oy wanted to renovate its valuable property located on Arkadiankatu into modern business facilities. Fimpec's expertise was needed to lead the project and support the investment decisions Pohjola Kiinteistösijoitus was making.

As the project has seen many changes during its various stages, there was a genuine need for Fimpec's experience of managing extensive projects and changing situations. The renovation proceeded in stages, eventually expanding to cover the entire property. The insides of the property have been fully dismantled and reconstructed. Additionally, building systems have been completely replaced.

Fimpec joined the project in autumn 2014, when the planning phase of the renovation project started. Fimpec has been responsible for supervising the interests of the developer, leading the project in general, and guiding the planning process. Sami Kaskela from Fimpec has acted as project manager for the implementing organisation. As Kaskela has experience of managing extensive industrial projects, he has been able to keep the project under control, even in the changing situation.

- It was important to pay attention to the special requirements the customer set for real estate investment activities. We have made a number of different calculations and reports to support the developer's investment decisions. What is more, we have been able to successfully meet the customer's needs, says Sami Kaskela.

As the property is an old one, the renovation project has not been free of surprises. For example, there have been harmful substances and older systems in poor condition. However, the project parties have been able to respond to them and keep the project on track.

- As the customer leases out the facilities, it has been important to remain on schedule, Kaskela says. - We have stayed on schedule, and all the tenants have been able to move in as planned. They have also given us positive feedback that the facilities are functional and fun.

Despite all the changes, the project has proceeded smoothly. The project will be completed on schedule in September–October 2016, when the remaining tenants will be able to move in to their new facilities.


Customer: Pohjola Kiinteistösijoitus Oy
Project duration: 10/2014 -
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Responsibility: Construction management and supervision