The largest construction project in the Finnish forest industry requires an experienced team of construction experts.

When Metsä Fibre Oy, part of Metsä Group, was planning to build a completely new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, the project required a project management team experienced in industrial construction. The new mill rising in Central Finland is the largest investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry: its total budget is EUR 1.2 billion.

For Fimpec, the project started in April 2014 in the pre-planning phase. During pre-planning, we defined the concept of the future bioproduct mill and, on the basis of the production capacity of the mill, specified the machinery and equipment required in the process, their spatial needs and positions in the mill area, the energy volumes needed in the process, environmental protection requirements, etc. Metsä Fibre made its decision to implement the project in April 2015.

- On the basis of the mill layout and building types and scopes defined in the pre-planning phase, we prepared a cost estimate for the construction process, a construction project management model, and an overall schedule for construction planning and management, says Pekka Salomaa, CEO of Fimpec.

- We set up a team of Fimpec experts, first for the pre-planning phase and, after the implementation decision, for the project management of the entire project. From the very beginning, our team has consisted, in addition to me, of Marko Mäkimartti and Teppo Gren, with Juha-Matti Mäntylä joining our team during the final pre-planning phase. Fimpec's absolute strength is that our experts have solid experience in similar fast-paced projects in the forest and energy industry, Salomaa says.

In addition to construction project management, Fimpec's assignment also includes the tasks of a worksite manager during the mechanical installation phase, mechanical installation supervision, and agreement control throughout the project. Construction manager Salomaa is a member of the bioproduct mill project's management team.

In the bioproduct mill project, Fimpec has ensured the controlled progress of the overall project. It has been essential that the foundations and all structures have been completed according to the original schedule, allowing for equipment installation and other functions to proceed as planned. Cooperation between different parties has mainly worked well, and Fimpec has also been able to predict any future challenges. Project management is a highly sensitive process.

The current pulp mill and other mill facilities operating in the same area have created their own challenges for the project. It is important that the project does not cause any interruptions in mill operations.

- Currently, approximately 50% of all the structures have been completed. The building frame and roof have been built, and equipment installation has started. We have not fallen behind schedule at any stage, Salomaa says. The new bioproduct mill is expected to start operating in autumn 2017.


Customer: Metsä Fibre Oy
Project duration: 04/2014 -
Place: Äänekoski, Finland
Responsibility: Construction management

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