Through experienced project management, the unique project was launched quickly, planned for efficient implementation and scheduled for successful completion

Tukkutori Wholesale Market in Helsinki had concluded a rental agreement with Helsinki Distilling Company (HDCO) in the Teurastamo (Slaughterhouse) area, and, as a result, valuable distilling equipment had been ordered from Germany. However, there were challenges in launching the project and in financing. Therefore, Marko Mäkimartti from Fimpec joined in the project.

Preliminary plans had already been made for implementing the project, and help was sought for building supervision in particular. However, it was soon found out that the project also needed a project manager in order to proceed with matters. Thanks to Fimpec's project management model and solid experience, construction work of the first phase could already be started after a few weeks from Fimpec's involvement in the project.

– Working with Fimpec was easy and efficient, Kai Kilpinen from HDCO says. – Contacts with the contractors were fluent, and the preliminary handling of tenders and invoices allowed time for other work. All problems at the site could also be solved with Fimpec's expertise.

The first phase of the project was completed according to schedule in August 2014, at which point HDCO could also begin distilling work. Installation preconditions for the distilling equipment were already created at the building stage. Fimpec's experience about industrial projects again proved an asset, because the operation of the production plant could be started on schedule. Both the customer parties in the project, the Premises Centre of the City of Helsinki's Real Estate Department and HDCO have been very pleased with Fimpec's project management service. Success in the HDCO project also resulted in additional projects with the Premises Centre in the Teurastamo area.

– Fimpec's representative was readily available and took on the work immediately. The result was outstanding and the distillery is exactly as we wanted it to be, Kilpinen says.

HDOC's facilities are situated in an old heating plant. The building was covered by specific protection regulations, so the project parties acted in close cooperation with museum and building authorities.

The Premises Centre took over the management of the property after the completion of phase 1, and Urho Kainulainen from Fimpec was appointed the project manager of the following phases. The second phase of the project was completed on schedule in December 2015. The third and final phase was launched in January 2016 and will be completed before the summer. In addition to production facilities, a customer restaurant and separate private facilities for customer occasions will be constructed in the building.


Customer: City of Helsinki, Premises Centre / The Helsinki Distilling Company
Project duration: 01/2014-
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Responsibility: Construction, supervision