Through the successful overlap of planning, the shopping centre facilities remained operational and safe throughout the renovation project.

When it was time to start Citycon’s extensive reconstruction and renovation project of the Forum shopping centre in Jyväskylä, Fimpec was selected to participate in project management. Forum is located in the very centre of Jyväskylä, and a huge number of people pass through the facilities every year. The purpose of this project was to keep the commercial facilities of the shopping centre operational throughout the renovation. The challenge was to carry out the renovation project so that the facilities would remain safe for customers and every shop would be able to continue their operations without interruption.

The Forum reconstruction and renovation project was implemented in two phases. First, all existing commercial facilities, a total of approximately 15,000 m2, were renovated. At the same time, the building systems were replaced, along with the electrical and lighting systems. The broad-scale project also included modernising the shopping centre, both inside and outside. In the second phase of the renovation project, storage facilities were transformed into commercial facilities, and new customer routes were built using stairs and lifts.

Fimpec joined the project in the implementation planning stage. Pekka Salomaa from Fimpec acted as project manager, and Ari Savolainen was appointed supervisor of construction work. The building systems were mainly special acquisitions of the developer, separate from the contract. This unusual method of implementation produced good results and ensured that the project proceeded on schedule.

- The shopping centre remained operational throughout the project. We reorganised customer routes using protective walls, says Pekka Salomaa from Fimpec, describing the challenges associated with the project. - We needed to be able to arrange safe routes for customers, without any dust or safety problems.

Other challenges were posed by the special requirements set for each commercial space. Many parties had their own representative in the project, with whom a specific appearance was designed in detail according to each shop concept.

- Using our multinational experience, we were able to fluently communicate with designers of commercial facilities from many different countries and effectively lead the project forward, Pekka Salomaa says.

The project's cost estimate was realised precisely, even though it is often difficult to estimate the costs of a project of such magnitude in advance. What is more, the project remained on schedule from start to finish. The customer has provided good feedback on the contract implementation: everything was done as agreed, and the project was completed fully as planned.


Customer: Citycon Oyj
Project duration: 2010-2014
Place: Jyväskylä, Finland
Responsibility: Construction and project management