We respond boldly to the challenges set by construction projects – it is part of our expertise!

In spring 2015, an extensive project was launched at the Kotkamills paper mill to replace one of the two fine paper machines with a board machine. Currently in progress, the project requires an experienced industrial construction partner in order to be successful.

Fimpec has been involved in the project from the very beginning. Kotkamills was convinced by Fimpec's experience and diverse references from the industrial sector. Jarno Rannikko took part in the project from Fimpec. He has solid experience in, for example, different construction tasks in the energy industry.

- We are responsible for various construction management phases, such as engineering coordination, budgeting, procurement and worksite functions, Rannikko says, describing Fimpec's areas of responsibility. - We at Fimpec are at home when operating in industrial environments. We understand the challenges industrial sites create, and we are able to respond to them.

In the Kotkamills project, separate challenges are presented by not only the schedule, but also by the need to secure continuous operations.

- The same facility houses two paper machines and, even though one of these is being replaced with a new one, the other machine cannot stop – it has to remain fully operational throughout the project, Rannikko says. - If the paper machine stopped, the mill would come to a standstill. In other words, production must keep up and running.

Actual construction work started at Kotkamills last September. The paper machine replacement started in January with the disassembly of the old machine. Once the machine line has been completed, mechanics and electrical installations need to be tested, and a test run needs to be performed for the new machine. The new board machine must be operational on 18 June. This date has been set as the target from the start.

- Due to the tight schedule, the project has been a challenging one, also in terms of planning and coordination. In addition to the new machine line, many of the existing structures have been reinforced significantly. Considering the short duration of the project, all phases need to be coordinated perfectly with other simultaneous tasks, Rannikko says, reviewing the progress of the project.

However, the selection of contracts and their schedules was a success, and special thanks also go to the experienced worksite personnel.


Customer: Kotkamills
Project duration: 04/2015-06/2016
Place: Kotka, Finland
Responsibility: Construction management and worksite monitoring

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