Fimpec Oy
Tel. +358 29 170 0970
VAT number: 2265287-8


Matarankatu 4
40100 Jyväskylä


Takomotie 8
00380 Helsinki

Fimpec Uruguay S.A.

Av. Italia 6282 esq. Córcega
CP 11.500 Montevideo

Fimpec Deutschland GmbH

Office 2167, Am Haupttor, Bürocenter
06237 Leuna, Germany

Contact persons

Avaa: Mikko Turunen

Mikko Turunen

Contact Mikko Turunen if you have questions about Fimpec Oy in general or for information on business premises construction management and real estate development.


+358 40 844 7566

Mikko Turunen
Avaa: Pekka Salomaa

Pekka Salomaa

Chairman of the Board, Construction Manager

+358 400 665 172

Pekka Salomaa
Avaa: Jarno Rannikko

Jarno Rannikko

Contact Jarno Rannikko for information on industrial investment projects.

Business Unit Director, industry

+358 50 575 1716

Jarno Rannikko
Avaa: Jorma Paananen

Jorma Paananen

Contact Jorma Paananen for infrastructure construction management-related information, including project planning, design contracting, preparation of decisions, project management or supervision tasks.

Business Unit Director, infra

+358 400 347 373

Jorma Paananen
Avaa: Marko Mäkimartti

Marko Mäkimartti

Marko Mäkimartti is responsible for Fimpec’s projects in Uruguay and South America. Since August 2019, Mäkimartti’s headquarters are in Montevideo, Uruguay.

CEO, Fimpec Uruguay S.A

+598 98 255 548 (Uruguay)
+358 40 512 1525 (Finland)

Marko Mäkimartti
Avaa: Teppo Grén

Teppo Grén

Chief Operating Officer

+358 50 526 0441

Teppo Grén
Avaa: Timo-Pekka Aaltonen

Timo-Pekka Aaltonen

Contact Timo-Pekka Aaltonen for information on mechanical installation management (MEIC) and supervision, as well as on commissioning-related matters.

Chief Operating Officer, Mechanical installation (MEIC) and commissioning

+358 40 503 5812

Timo-Pekka Aaltonen
Avaa: Jari Koskela

Jari Koskela

Contact Jari Koskela for information on building services construction management and supervision.

Building Services, Project Management

+358 500 689 855

Jari Koskela
Avaa: Eelon Lappalainen

Eelon Lappalainen

Contact Eelon Lappalainen for information on industrial construction management and project management.

Manager, Engineering Management

+358 44 767 5099

Eelon Lappalainen
Avaa: Maiju Hirvikallio

Maiju Hirvikallio

Marketing and Communications Manager

+358 50 560 9707

Maiju Hirvikallio
Avaa: Sari Koivukoski

Sari Koivukoski

Financial Manager

+358 40 723 2861

Sari Koivukoski
Avaa: Erica Kraufvelin-Lämsä

Erica Kraufvelin-Lämsä

HR Manager

+358 44 777 7576

Erica Kraufvelin-Lämsä