On 1st March this year, Fimpec Oy gained additional strength and expertise for industrial project and construction management services, since Eelon Lappalainen started working as Fimpec’s Manager, Engineering Management.

Before joining Fimpec, Lappalainen had worked for the last nine years in various project management and planning contracting positions, most recently for Sweco Finland Oy with the Länsimetro project between Matinkylä and Kivenlahti. His former employers include ÅF-Consult Oy, Consulting Engineers Magnus Malmberg, Miraplan Oy, and YIT.

In all, Lappalainen has almost 30 years of experience in the field of construction. He started his career as a carpenter, but has since acquired the Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree (from Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences) and specialized in planning management of major industrial projects. Lappalainen is currently studying building information modelling in the BIM laboratory of the Aalto University within the framework of its PhD programme. He is mainly interested in digital task management and utilisation of Lean methods in construction and planning.

“My interest in these issues was sparked by practical need, since we did not have adequate tools for planning control and management in case of large construction projects. Based on this, I familiarized myself with the Agile method and Lean approach, which I have studied in practical projects, and also presented the results to other professionals in the field. I believe that by combining flow efficiency methods with traditional project management, construction projects can be managed better, which leads to more efficient planning.”

Industrial projects and project management as Fimpec’s strengths

According to Lappalainen, he joined Fimpec because of the worthy challenges ahead. Many things that interest him are combined in the company.

“During my career, I have found that large industrial projects and construction and project management tasks are the closest to my heart. In that sense, Fimpec is the exactly right place for me.”

“On the other hand, Fimpec is a company where the Lean way of thinking has been developed and used actively in implementation of construction projects. Because of this, it is my opinion that in a company like Fimpec, there are unique possibilities for combining the Lean approach with the management of both planning and construction.”

Special expertise for project management services

Teppo Grén, CEO of Fimpec Oy, says that the recruitment of Eelon Lappalainen further improves Fimpec’s capability for implementation of challenging projects. It also brings more expertise and new perspectives to the use of modern project management methods.

“We continually strive for growth, which means that an expert like Lappalainen is welcome to join our team of specialists. His knowledge of the field of construction is exceptionally wide, ranging from practical construction works to management of large projects. He is also familiar with the Lean way of thinking and modern project management methods, which are of great importance in Fimpec’s project management model.”