UPM has began the construction of a new pulp terminal in Montevideo, Uruguay. A new harbor pool, material terminal and railway yard are being constructed in the project. The value of the investment is approximately 280 million US dollars. UPM operates the terminal on a long-term contract and pays for the use of the port.
The construction of the new port terminal is a part of a comprehensive infrastructure improvement ensemble in Uruguay. It also involves the modernization of the railway between Montevideo and Paso de los Toros as well as the renovation of the inland road network. The infrastructure projects strengthen the development conditions of various industries in Uruguay and ensure transport connections from UPM’s new pulp mill in Paso de Toros.

Fimpec was acting as a construction advisor of Uruguay investments during the preliminary planning phase 2017-19. Totally six to eight persons from Fimpec were involved in the preliminary planning phase of the pulp mill, port and railway projects.

Since August 2019 during the implementation phase of the port project, Fimpec’s work input is approximately 19 person-years, which includes the positions of construction and site manager, planning and license coordinator, project engineer responsible for schedules and costs, and four construction supervisors.

“The port terminal is an important and interesting project for Fimpec. It is an excellent reference and a continuation for our other port terminal and warehouse projects. At the same time, we can use Fimpec’s earlier experience in the Uruguayan market, which is one of our strengths in the project”, explains Marko Mäkimartti the CEO of Fimpec Uruguay S.A.
Fimpec has previously been a part of the preparations and implementations of large projects in Uruguay and the subsidiary company Fimpec Uruguay S.A has been operating in Montevideo since 2017. Fimpec has also strengthened its presence in South America and established a new subsidiary company in Chile. Fimpec Chile is involved in the equipment and electrical installation tasks of the MAPA pulp project through its customer.

“We are also searching for new customers from the growing greentech and wind power markets of South America”, Mäkimartti adds.