Fimpec’s growth and internationalization continued according to the company strategy in 2020. Revenue grew up to 10,2 million euros (2019 7,9 million eur), with an increase of about 30% from the previous year.

According to Fimpec’s CEO Mikko Turunen the growth is based on persistent work to achieve the company’s goals.

“The numbers show the determined work we have done to achieve our strategy. Our results show that there is a demand for a company like Fimpec, which is flexible and has international excellence in terms of expertise and operating methods, both in Finland and oversees.”

What was special in 2020 was the significant increase in the revenue outside Finland. Its share rose about a quarter, from less than 10% in 2019. Outside of Finland, Fimpec has operations especially in Uruguay, Chile and Germany, where Fimpec’s subsidiary companies operate.

“A large part of the revenue growth has come from our international operations. Large projects have stared both in Uruguay and Germany and other projects are also pending. The revenue growth in Finland also continued, which is an indication that our operations have become established and that our clients trust in our expertise in domestic markets as well”, Turunen explains.

Turunen sees that 2021 has started as expected and believes that the company will continue to grow strongly this year ae well.

“2021 has had a promising start. Ongoing projects are proceeding at full speed both internationally and in Finland. New projects are also starting which will wing us far into the future”, Fimpec’s CEO Mikko Turunen concludes.

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Fimpec is a company that is growing according to its operating strategy. It has more than 80 experts providing project management services and a revenue of approximately EUR 10.2 million in 2020. Fimpec’s subsidiaries operate in Uruguay, Germany and Chile.