Mikko Turunen, Master of Science in Engineering, has been appointed the CEO of Fimpec Oy as of 1 October 2019. Turunen has been with Fimpec since 1 August 2018, when he became the Business Unit Director, Construction Management and Real Estate Development.

Before Fimpec, Turunen worked at Colliers International Finland Oy (formerly Ovenia Oy) since 2001 in various management positions, most recently as the Business Manager. Prior to Ovenia, he was involved in development of building projects at Sato-Rakennuttajat Oy.

Teppo Grén, the former CEO of Fimpec Oy, continues with the company as the Chief Operating Officer; from now on, he will focus especially on the development of project cost management.

– I have long experience in cost management and development of the related processes, and our intention is to expand the services in this sector. With Turunen taking over the tasks of the CEO, I can focus fully on development of project cost and contract management, as well as pass on my expertise within the company, says Gren.

According to Pekka Salomaa, Chairman of the Board of Fimpec Oy, the appointment of a new CEO is a natural step in the company’s development.

– This stems from the ownership arrangement announced last February, through which the Smaragdus Group from Finland became the majority shareholder of Fimpec. Since then, we have been preparing for appointment of a new CEO, in order to ensure the continuity of the company. We were fortunate to find a competent person in our own organisation. Mikko Turunen has had time to thoroughly familiarize himself with the processes used in Fimpec’s project management activity and has also demonstrated his ability to take the company forward.

According to Mikko Turunen, it is an exciting time for taking the reins of the company, since Fimpec’s business grows and services are diversified. He says that Fimpec is aiming for significant growth in the next few years and that the company will be hiring more employees this year already.

– There is demand for an agile and well-networked actor like Fimpec, both in Finland and worldwide. Fimpec’s strength lies in our special way of operation, which is based on continuous innovation and combining of expertise, as well as on knowing our customers and on the project-specifically chosen project management model in which the customer chooses the extent of its participation in the project.

Additional information:
Mikko Turunen, CEO of Fimpec Oy, tel. 040 844 7566, mikko.turunen@fimpec.fi
Pekka Salomaa, Chairman of the Board, Fimpec Oy, tel. 0400 665 172, pekka.salomaa@fimpec.fi