Mikko Turunen, Master of Science in Engineering, has been appointed the Business Unit Director, Construction Management and Real Estate Development, of Fimpec Oy as of 1 August 2018.

Previously, Turunen has worked as the Business Unit Director, Business Premises, of Colliers International Finland Oy (formerly Ovenia Oy), and before that as the Business Premises segment Manager, Manager of the Real Estate Management unit, Head of Customer Relations, Manager of Customer Relations, Asset Manager, and Development Manager of Ovenia Oy since the year 2001. Before Ovenia, he has worked as a Civil Engineer and Building Supervisor at Sato-Rakennuttajat Oy.

In his job, Turunen will replace Jarno Ranniko, Operative Director, who from now on will concentrate on Fimpec’s industrial construction projects.

Teppo Grén, CEO of Fimpec Oy, says that the recruitment of Mikko Turunen is associated with expansion of the company’s operations and the intention to exploit opportunities for growth in the business premises construction domain.

“Our business has expanded quickly; this year alone, we have recruited ten new employees. New employees have been hired to all of our business units. Today, there is evident demand for project management skills and for an independent actor like Fimpec, a company without its own design or contracting.”

“Fimpec is best known for industrial construction projects, but we also have extensive experience in business premises construction management and see potential for growth there. In order to make use of this potential, we needed someone who knows and understands the domain thoroughly and comprehensively. We have been looking for a person meeting our requirements for a long time, and Turunen is exactly that person. Owing to his experience, he brings us better understanding of the business of real estate users, investors, and user-owners.”

Mikko Turunen is enthusiastic about his new position. He believes that in business premises construction, there is demand for an actor like Fimpec capable of offering the customers a new way of operation.

“Fimpec’s ambition, leadership culture, values, and attitudes convinced me to take this new job. Competition is fierce in the business premises field, but there is also demand for an agile actor with the right attitude and genuine understanding of the customers’ needs, and Fimpac fits the description perfectly.”