The old timber rafting canal of Konnivesi and Iitin Pyhäjärvi in North Kymenlaakso will be repaired and converted for boating use within the framework of the extensive Kimola Canal project combining many branches of infrastructure construction.

Based on the project, which is estimated to cost €20.8 million, the 7-kilometre canal will be dredged, widened, and provided with erosion protection required for boat traffic. In addition, the approximately 70 metres long rock tunnel will be broadened to dimensions allowing boat traffic.

The log crane used for timber transfer will be dismantled and a boat lock with total lock height of about 12 metres built in its place. The Kimola and Taipale bridges over the canal will also be renovated. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Fimpec’s role in the Kimola Canal project

Fimpec Oy has been involved in the project since the construction preparation stage; currently, the company functions as the developer consultant and safety co-ordinator. Among other things, Fimpec’s experts have prepared procurement-related documentation and arranged contract tendering in co-operation with the Finnish Transport Agency.

Fimpec also ensures that the project progresses on schedule and on budget, that the work quality and documentation are as planned, environmental impacts are minimized, and safety remains at a high level.

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