Within the framework of the Kymijärvi III bio-heating plant project, Lahti Energia develops at the Kymijärvi power plant area a new biofuel-fired bio-heating plant. It replaces the coal-fired power plant Kymijärvi 1 commissioned in the 1970s.

The new plant will reduce Lahti Energia’s carbon dioxide emissions by 600,000 tons per year. Its district heating capacity is about 190 MW and the main fuel is certified biomass. The plant will be equipped with heat recovery for improved efficiency. The plant employs the CFB multi-fuel technology.

The total investment in the plant is €180 million and the employment potential is about 1,000 person-years. At most, 550-600 persons are employed at the work site. This is the largest investment of all times in the Lahti area.

Fimpec’s role in Kymijärvi III bio-heating plant project

Fimpec is responsible for work site management and supervision. In all, 10 Fimpec employees have worked with the project. The main tasks include:

  • Site Manager
  • Site Engineer
  • Site Logistics Co-ordinator
  • Steel Structure and Building Supervisor
  • Boiler Plant and Heat Recovery Facility Installation Supervisor
  • Solid Fuel Handling Equipment Installation Supervisor
  • Process and Building Electric Supply Installation Supervisor (2)
  • HVAC Supervisor
  • Head of Automation Project

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