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€1.2 million /1.3 million m³



Our responsibility

Management and supervision of construction works and equipment installations

Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in Äänekoski is unique in many respects. For example, it is the largest wood processing mill in the Northern Hemisphere and the first bioproduct mill of the new generation. Besides softwood and birch pulp, the mill produces a variety of other bioproducts, such as tall oil, turpentine, wood gas, sulphuric acid, and bioenergy. The annual pulp production amounts to 1.3 million tons.

The construction of the bioproduct mill was a huge project implemented by way of customer-driven subcontracting. More than 30 buildings with a floor area of 140,000 m² and volume 1.3 million m³ were constructed over a 40 hectare area. Up to 3,000 workers worked on the construction site at the same time. In all, 13,500 workers and more than 1,000 different companies participated in the project. There were about one hundred subcontracts related to construction alone and the developer itself supervised all of them.

The mill was commissioned as planned, on 15 August 2017, just over two years after construction began. It reached full production capacity on schedule, in August 2018.

Fimpec’s role in the project

Fimpec Oy was responsible for management and supervision of bioproduct mill construction works, as well as for management and supervision of equipment installations as part of the customer’s project organisation. At most, 23 Fimpec employees worked with the project. Fimpec joined the project at a very early stage, in April 2014, when pre-planning of the project commenced. The main construction management and supervision tasks were as follows:

Construction management tasks in the pre-planning stage

  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Implementation planning and organisation
  • Expert tasks in construction implementation as regards planning and main equipment acquisitions

Project planning preparation and guidance

  • Planning contracts
  • Planning guidance
  • Planning costs and schedule guidance
  • Building project organisation
  • Cost estimates and scheduling

Preparations for construction

  • Subdivision of construction projects (incl. acquisition packages)
  • Contract tendering documentation
  • Tendering and negotiations

Construction control and supervision

  • Subcontracting agreements
  • Work site management
  • Taking care of customer liability tasks and tax authority declarations
  • Arrangement of site meetings
  • Management of additional and modification works
  • Schedule, cost, and quality control

Installation management and monitoring

  • Work site installation management
    – Installation Manager
    – Installation supervision: mechanical (1 person), tubular bridges (1 person), electricity and instrumentation (3 persons)
  • Participation in contracting negotiations
  • Establishment of installation organisation and selecting of resources in co-operation with the customer
  • Arrangement of site meetings
  • Management of additional and modification works (technical domain)
  • Quantity calculation with electrification (1 person)
  • Installation schedule and progress monitoring
  • Weekly and monthly installation-related reporting

Acceptance, commissioning, and warranty period

  • Acceptance management
  • Commissioning co-ordination
  • Warranty period (option)

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