Today, taking care of safety is an essential and statutory part of each construction project. Fimpec possesses the expertise required.

Today, taking care of safety is an essential and statutory part of each construction project. Fimpec possesses the expertise required.

Proper and efficient handling of occupational safety and the related obligations within the framework of a construction project requires expertise and active approach to safety planning, taking care of occupational safety matters and supervision thereof. Fimpec Oy possesses the skills required for this, which means that we can offer our customers comprehensive and well-targeted safety management for maintaining and development of occupational, working conditions and working environment-related safety in all stages of construction and installation works.

Safety-related services are available from Fimpec either as part of a comprehensive construction management package or separately. The division of labour is always agreed on a case-by-case basis. The best results are achieved if our expert participates in the project ever since the pre-planning and planning stages, paying attention to safety-related matters.

Key Safety Co-ordinator from Fimpec

Key Safety Co-ordinator from Fimpec

The Safety Co-ordinator is the key person responsible in all construction project stages for co-ordinating safety and health-related measures mandatory for the developer. A competent Safety Co-ordinator assists the customer in consideration and anticipation of occupational safety-related matters already in the project preparation and planning stage and keeps everything under control during the implementation stage. From the developer’s viewpoint, this means avoiding occupational safety-related delays and interruptions during both planning and construction.

The competence of Fimpec Safety Co-ordinators is based on long experience in the field of construction and knowledge of occupational safety matters. They are supported by the know-how and proven practices of the entire company. For the greatest benefits, our expert should be involved as a Safety Co-ordinator already in the needs analysis stage, since the most efficient solution is for the same person to function as the Safety Co-ordinator all the way from project planning to implementation completion.

Safety management services by Fimpec

Our HSE skills

  • Experience in occupational safety management for large construction and installation projects.
  • Experience in safety planning, which ensures predictability and systematic approach.
  • Knowledge of occupational safety legislation.
  • Solid project management skills.
  • We assist in identification of construction project-related occupational safety risks in all stages and co-operation with other parties and experts for the purposes of risk elimination.

We are at your service in occupational safety matters

  • In pre-planning and planning
  • As Safety Co-ordinator
  • As Occupational Safety Manager
  • As Security Officer
  • As Chief Foreman
  • In dealings with the authorities

We will help you with the following, for example:

  • Occupational safety documentation
  • Work site occupational safety tasks
  • Weekly safety inspections (e.g., TR/MVR)
  • Contractor lists
  • Personnel lists
  • Notices to the tax authority in co-operation with the customer
  • Customer liability issues and management of foreign labour-related matters
  • Other tasks required for safety management, such as IT systems, first aid and rescue, arrangement of facility services, briefing and work guidance, safety card training, security guarding, access control, working time monitoring, and other matters to be agreed upon separately.

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